Rick Allen- CEO Warren General Hospital

CEO Rick Allen of the Warren General Hospital. Rick grew up in Warren, attended Warren Area High School and came back from Pittsburgh to be CEO of the WGH almost 3 years ago.
When Rick came on board, the hospital had no cash, was in a negative cash flow condition and was financially in disarray. Since taking on the job, last year’s loss was minimal and the hospital is on line to show a positive cash flow for the first time in many years.

The hospital needs to pay down its debt and to purchase new equipment.
Quality is the most important issue for Rick and his staff. They have been successful in showing an increase in quality, patient satisfaction and ER through put. Every morning they look at the ER time to see a physician and time from entry to release. They are trying to maintain less than 60 minutes from in to out.
The hospital was recently cited as one of the top 100 rural hospitals out of 2,000 rural hospitals. Their metrics are showing that several departments are in or close to the top 90 percentile of all hospitals in the country for patient satisfaction.
The hospital has just hired 15 newly graduated nurses from around the area nursing schools. Also just announced was the hiring of three new physicians.