Charles Gray: Artistic Director Struthers Library Theatre.

SLT Academy provides exceptional theatre training opportunities that encourage students to develop their creativity, curiosity and craft while instilling ethics of responsibility, stewardship and involvement in the arts that will help them succeed in every stage of life.

SLT classes are designed to encourage and educate students in a setting appropriate to age, academic milestones and experience. From open-enrollment classes where play in a disciplined, nurturing environment guide learning to professional internships that require advanced level training, volunteerism and sometimes auditions.

Along with progressive training in voice, acting and movement, Academy classes explore a unique element of theatre study each semester on a twelve-year cycle. This allows students a new challenge every semester as well as the opportunity for the most diverse range of artistic experience and the chance to find their personal forte. Elements to be studied include: improvisation, sight singing, character development, voice projection and articulation, movement, auditioning, the monolog, comedy, drama, puppetry, costume design, set design, operetta, theatre history, directing, Broadway voice, scenic painting, playwriting, acting Shakespeare, the use of video in theatre storytelling, stage properties, stage make-up and theatre lighting.  More info at