Rotarian and Executive Director of Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. (BEi), Dr. William A. Clark spoke to our group about BEI and the changing focus of their organization.


Bollinger Enterprises, Inc., (BEi) was founded in 1972 as Warren ARC Enterprises, Inc., by Annabel and Clifford Bollinger as a pilot project of the Warren – Forest Counties Association for Retarded Citizens.

Prior to that time the employment and vocational rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities were largely unmet. The Bollingers’ vision was to provide me

aningful employment and vocational rehabilitation services to all people with disabilities that focused on the unique circumstances, abilities and capabilities of each individual. The Bollinger legacy of “putting the needs of the individual first” lives on today as the guiding principle in services development and delivery. What started as a small storefront, single program operation in Warren soon expanded to a 7,000 square foot facility in North Warren that grew to its present multi-building complex of about 25,000 square feet that hosts a variety of facility and community based programs. BEi’s programs meet many needs ranging from employment to living in the community.

The focus is shifying to more working outside he BEI facility.  They are doing this with their contract janitorial services.

The janitorial services division of BEi not only meets the routine cleaning needs of area businesses and organizations, it is also a unique employment and earning experience for BEi workers.

BEi has several contracts to provide janitorial services for local organizations and businesses. A lead worker and crew meet janitorial service needs at times convenient for the customer. Current customers include: The Jefferson DeFrees Family Center, Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. and the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) Headquarters Building.

BEi acquired the ANF service contract under a federal set aside program through the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH.)