Oct 18

Lacey Hanson form the United Fund of Warren County

Lacey HansonLacey Hanson came to Warren Rotary Club this past week to talk about the United Fund of Warren County and it’s support of PA 2-1-1.

All campaign and administration of the United Fund of Warren County costs are covered by income from an endowment fund administered by the Community Foundation of Warren County. That means that 100% of your tax deductible gifts goes directly to member agencies serving the Warren County communities.

PA 2‑1‑1 Northwest is part of the national 2‑1‑1 Call Centers initiative that seeks to provide an easy-to-remember telephone number and web resource for finding health and human services– for everyday needs and in crisis situations. Search our vast database of services and providers to find the help you need today.

Aug 01

Donation from the Northwest Charitable Foundation making the playground possible!

The Rotary Club of Warren, in partnership with Warren County Development Association, received a generous donation from the Northwest Charitable Foundation to be used toward the construction of the multi-sensory inclusive playground that is to be built as part of the City of Warren’s renovations of Lacy Park, which they will tentatively break ground on in the summer of 2019. From left are Rev. Madeline Edwards (Rotary Club); Shane Oschman (Northwest Bank Warren Area Manager/NCF Representative); Adam Meneo (Rotary Club of Warren President 2018-2019); and Dr. Bill Clark (Rotary Club). Missing from the photo is Jim Decker (WCCBI/WCDA).

Jan 21

Backpack Program Packing!

12 Warren Rotarian showed up early this past Saturday morning to pack food for the backpack program.  We packed about 530 in 2 hours!

Each backpack contains enough food for at least two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners and two snacks. Depending on the type and amount of food items within the backpack, children may be provided more meals than that. The contents of a recent backpack include: a box of Tasty-oh’s cereal, beefaroni, chicken ravioli, macaroni and cheese, and a four pack of mandarin oranges.

Nov 10

Megan Inghram, Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International


Megan Inghram, an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International.

Our speaker was Megan Inghram, an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International.

Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children. We envision a world passionately opposed to sex trafficking and a committed community restoring survivors to lives of purpose, value and choice – one life at a time
If you suspect trafficking call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) – they work closely with the local law enforcement, FBI and social services to identify victims, traffickers, buyers and exploiters.

Sarah Fromknecht and her father Dave

Wednesday we also had our student of the month, Sarah Fromknecht and her father Dave join us for lunch.

Sep 21

Charles Gray: Artistic Director Struthers Library Theatre.

SLT Academy provides exceptional theatre training opportunities that encourage students to develop their creativity, curiosity and craft while instilling ethics of responsibility, stewardship and involvement in the arts that will help them succeed in every stage of life.

SLT classes are designed to encourage and educate students in a setting appropriate to age, academic milestones and experience. From open-enrollment classes where play in a disciplined, nurturing environment guide learning to professional internships that require advanced level training, volunteerism and sometimes auditions.

Along with progressive training in voice, acting and movement, Academy classes explore a unique element of theatre study each semester on a twelve-year cycle. This allows students a new challenge every semester as well as the opportunity for the most diverse range of artistic experience and the chance to find their personal forte. Elements to be studied include: improvisation, sight singing, character development, voice projection and articulation, movement, auditioning, the monolog, comedy, drama, puppetry, costume design, set design, operetta, theatre history, directing, Broadway voice, scenic painting, playwriting, acting Shakespeare, the use of video in theatre storytelling, stage properties, stage make-up and theatre lighting.  More info at http://strutherslibrarytheatre.com/slt-academy/

Aug 30

Rick Allen- CEO Warren General Hospital

CEO Rick Allen of the Warren General Hospital. Rick grew up in Warren, attended Warren Area High School and came back from Pittsburgh to be CEO of the WGH almost 3 years ago.
When Rick came on board, the hospital had no cash, was in a negative cash flow condition and was financially in disarray. Since taking on the job, last year’s loss was minimal and the hospital is on line to show a positive cash flow for the first time in many years.

The hospital needs to pay down its debt and to purchase new equipment.
Quality is the most important issue for Rick and his staff. They have been successful in showing an increase in quality, patient satisfaction and ER through put. Every morning they look at the ER time to see a physician and time from entry to release. They are trying to maintain less than 60 minutes from in to out.
The hospital was recently cited as one of the top 100 rural hospitals out of 2,000 rural hospitals. Their metrics are showing that several departments are in or close to the top 90 percentile of all hospitals in the country for patient satisfaction.
The hospital has just hired 15 newly graduated nurses from around the area nursing schools. Also just announced was the hiring of three new physicians.


Aug 23

District Governor Judy Hughes & The 4-Way Test Award

District Governor Judy Hughes visited our club to talk about her projects for the year and to help our club set our goals.

Judy then awarded Rotarian Dr Bill Clark the 4-Way Test Award. Dr Clark exemplifies the 4 way test in so many ways. He is a man of integrity and is always community-minded. He is the Executive Director at BEI, a non-profit whose mission is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by being the most innovative provider of vocational, life, and social opportunities through a caring and dedicated staff.

He set-up the student of the month program working with guidance counselors at local schools and coordinated the visits of the students to the club. He also set-up our club to help pack food for the local backpack program. Dr Clark also took on scheduling the weekly speakers for the club. He organized lists of local businesses, non-profits and people of interest. We are a better club for having Dr Clark as a member.