Jul 28

Phil Caudil – Bent Run Brewery

Phil Caudil from Bent Run Brewery was our Speaker July 24th. Their new location in the old Loranger building at 36 Clark St will be opening this October.  The space is all set up and now they just need to set up the dining room, kitchen and brewing to get going.  They will be open 3 days a week to start with a bar menu.

Jul 28

Harvey Stone- High Performance Driving

Our speaker July 17th, was Rotarian Harvey Stone. He talked about his passion of High Performance Driving. He started in 2001 after a friend took him to the Watkins Glen to experience a ride. Since then he has participated in numerous schools all over the country, Canada and Germany.
Drivers are broken up into different skill sets and when a faster car approaches you use hand signals to get signal them past. He is a track instructor and when he is instructing drivers he rides in the passenger seat and talks them through the course. He showed us an exciting video of the Watkins Glen Track.

Jul 16

David Krantz – Battle of Gettysburg

Our speaker last week was David Krantz from Bradford. He spoke on the Battle of Gettysburg. 625,000 were killed during the Civil War, largest number of US casualties from any war.
Union commander was Major General George Meade and the Confederate commander was Major General Robert E. Lee.
It was the largest battle in US history with 93,921 Union Troops and 71,699 Confederate Troops taking part.
The battle went on three days and at the end the Union troops prevailed, but General Meade failed to go after the retreating Confederate troops and that resulted in 21 additional months of fighting before the was was over.
Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address at the site of the battle, at the funeral for those lost in battle.
There were 165,620 troops involved from both sides.
For the Union side, 3,155 killed, 14,529 wounded, 5,365 missing or dead.
For the Confederate side, 3,903 killed, 18,735 wounded,5,425 missing or dead.

Apr 14

Alzheimer Association, Greater Pennsylvania Chapter

Jenn Brownlee & Jill Curtis from the Alzheimer Association, Greater Pennsylvania Chapter came to tell us about their organization.
The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Read more about them at https://www.alz.org/pa

Apr 14

White Cane Coffee

What Cane Coffee

Bob and Vicki Willman from White Cane Coffee Company talked to us about their company. Their daughter started White Cane Coffee is because, number one, “Who doesn’t love coffee.”. But most importantly, her siblings and her are all on the Autism Spectrum and she is also blind. They have found that finding jobs extremely difficult.

Their goal is to provide a welcoming environment to all people and provide jobs to the handicapped community at a living wage. Most of all, they want to provide you with a Great cup of coffee!

Feb 04

Dr. Philip S Vuocolo

Dr. Philip S Vuocolo is a General Surgery Specialist in Warren, Pennsylvania spoke to our club last Wednesday. He graduated with honors from State University Of New York Health Science Center Of Syracuse in 1983. Having more than 36 years of diverse experiences, especially in GENERAL SURGERY.

General surgery is a specialty that requires knowledge of and familiarity with a broad range of diseases that may require surgical treatment. After medical school surgical residency training includes content in ten areas of the body and several organ systems, plus the study of oncology, trauma, burns and emergency medicine.

Jan 28

Dr Mason Tootell from Warren General Hospital Family Medicine

Dr Mason Tootell from Warren General Hospital Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine spoke to us about additio

n and medication assisted therapy. Addiction effects every community at about 1 in 10 Americans have an abuse problem. The goal of any medication treatment is to stabilize a patient enough so that they can embrace and participate in recovery programs. Treatments must work hand and hand with counseling or recovery programs to create substantial recovery.

Aug 06

Ken Hinton- City of Warren Building Code Enforcement

Ken Hinton, from the City of Warren Building Code Enforcement, came and spoke to the club. The department issues building permits and performs construction inspections under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and International Construction Code (ICC) for the City of Warren.

Building permits are required for most projects such as new homes, additions, alterations, basement remodeling, sunrooms, swimming pools, spas/hot tubs, decks, and accessory buildings larger than 150 square feet. Permits run between $150-$200.

Projects such as minor repairs of a non-structural nature, painting, carpeting, door and window replacement, and roofing do not require a building permit. Some projects such as small accessory buildings and fences require only a zoning permit. It is recommended that the Building Code Department be consulted to confirm whether a permit is required for any planned projects.

Jul 16

Sheffield Depot Preservation

Dennis Sturdevant from the Sheffield Depot Preservation

Dennis Sturdevant from the Sheffield Depot Preservation Society spoke to us about the Society and the depot. The last remaining train depot in Warren County. It is from the 1880’s and the society has replaced windows, painted, fixed the roof and brought the building back to life. They are a 501C3 and through determination bought the building form the railroad after 10 years of negotiating. They have model trains in the building and lots of over interesting relics from the period.