Aug 06

Ken Hinton- City of Warren Building Code Enforcement

Ken Hinton, from the City of Warren Building Code Enforcement, came and spoke to the club. The department issues building permits and performs construction inspections under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and International Construction Code (ICC) for the City of Warren.

Building permits are required for most projects such as new homes, additions, alterations, basement remodeling, sunrooms, swimming pools, spas/hot tubs, decks, and accessory buildings larger than 150 square feet. Permits run between $150-$200.

Projects such as minor repairs of a non-structural nature, painting, carpeting, door and window replacement, and roofing do not require a building permit. Some projects such as small accessory buildings and fences require only a zoning permit. It is recommended that the Building Code Department be consulted to confirm whether a permit is required for any planned projects.

Jul 16

Sheffield Depot Preservation

Dennis Sturdevant from the Sheffield Depot Preservation

Dennis Sturdevant from the Sheffield Depot Preservation Society spoke to us about the Society and the depot. The last remaining train depot in Warren County. It is from the 1880’s and the society has replaced windows, painted, fixed the roof and brought the building back to life. They are a 501C3 and through determination bought the building form the railroad after 10 years of negotiating. They have model trains in the building and lots of over interesting relics from the period.

Aug 07

Children’s Advocacy Center

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Rotary Community Event. Our spotlight guests were District Attorney Greene, Detective Chimenti, and Cameron Skelton of Northwest speaking on the Children’s Advocacy Center. The mission of the Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center is a “safe and supportive environment that is dedicated to serving child and their families. Professionals from multiple disciplines within the community coordinate investigations, interventions, prosecutions, and provide specialized treatment while reducing trauma and promote healing.” Last year there were 170 new child abuse cases in Warren County. The Children Advocacy Center will be a safe haven where children will only have to tell their story once in a comforting and supportive environment. DA Greene, Detective Chimenti, and Cameron Skelton were instrumental in helping establish the center. The Children Advocacy Center hopes to be opening in the next few months – you can follow their progress on their facebook page:

Jul 13

Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls

20107704_10155154018723110_1780701987_oAmylynn Delgado and Meghan Rowland from the Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls were our guests this week.

Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls (WWD) is a member-operated all-women’s roller derby league in Western Pennsylvania.
They play competitive roller derby under the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) guidelines.

Roller Derby is a competitive, full contact sport and requires that you learn rules and strategy, improve your physical fitness, and work and communicate with teammates. The women in the league come from varied athletic backgrounds. Some have no sports experience, some have competed at the college level in sports, and some are in between. You don’t need experience to join WWD, they will teach you what you need to know. You do, however, need to have the desire to constantly improve and challenge yourself.

Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls was undefeated last year and is currently undefeated this year as well.  Matched are family friendly.  Please go to for a list of events.

May 26

Operation Take Me Home

Pam Heinhold, fOperation Take Me Homeounder of “Operation Take Me Home” was our speaker, last Wednesday. She has a grandchild that is autistic and does not speak. About 9 years ago they lost him for a short time at a museum and as a result of that, she looked into what programs were available to help with the problem of a child not being able to speak and being inadvertently separated from his parents.

She found that there was a program that provided a wrist band with a radio transmitter for people that could not speak or had problems such as Alzheimer’s.

After doing her research she began “Operation Take Me Home” under the auspices of the Don Mills Achievement Center. Wrist band transmitters were purchased and area first responders were trained in locating the transmitters. At the time the program was started the transmitters were $425 each, now they are about $250. There are nine children and adults in the program. Pam is responsible for replacing the batteries in the units and the cost of $6.00 per battery change is the only cost to the participants.Operation Take Me Home

Apr 20

Ash Khare- Delegate

Ash KhareAsh Khare spoke to us about his experiences with politics as a delegate.  He has been elected as a delegate to the Republican convention for many years and in 2016 he was also selected as an Electoral College delegate.  He spoke to us about his experiences and brought along a number of certificates, proclamations and memorabilia from the presidential campaigns.  What is especially interesting about Ash is that he emigrated from India to attend college and then remained in the US and became a citizen.  He was the first Indian national to be elected to the Electoral College.

Feb 02

Richard Seager of Journey Health System

President and CEO Richard Seager of Journey Health System was our speaker.  He gave his  unbiased talk about the healthcare priorities of the new administration.
Here is what they want to change:

  • Complete repeal of Obamacare
  • Modify laws that inhibit the sale of health insurance against state lines
  • Individual deductions for health insurance premiums
  • Create HSA’s, Tax-free contributions and inheritable and transferrable asset

It is looking like there will be a “transition” period as not to create hardship or disruption. Repeal without replacement would leave 20 million Americans without health insurance coverage.

Some other things they hope to accomplish:

  • Medicaid block grant to state
  • Liability reform
  • Public transparency on prices
  • Richard Seager of Journey Health System
Jan 20

Randy & Paula Meabon, Dairy Farmers

Randy & Paula MeabonRandy and Paula were the 3rd generation to farm Randy’s Grandparents’ Farm. They owned over 300 acres and milked 140 cows.  They farmed for 40 years and have recently sold the farm and retired.  They both were extremely active in 4H and Pennsylvania and National Dairy Boards.  They talked about how dairy farming is a 365 day a year job but they found it to be a very fulfilling life.

Pennsylvania ranks #6 in the country for dairy production and Dairy Farming is the #1 industry on PA.

Some interesting facts:

  • 1 dairy cow produces $14,000 worth of income a year.
  • It takes 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese
  • A gallon of milk is 8.6 lbs
  • A cow eats 75 lbs of feed a day

Thank you to Randy & Paula for such an interesting and informative talk!

Jan 12

Gregory Austin – Targeted Pet Treats

GregAustineOur speaker was introduced by Ruby Wiles. Greg came from Pittsburgh where he was employed by DelMonte Foods until June of 2016. He came to Warren to be General Manager of Targeted Pet Treats because Rhonda Sisson and Elliott Haverlack were looking to be less involved in the day to day work of the business.

Greg was recently made President of the company which is owned by Ainsworth (Dad’s Dog Food) , Rhonda Sisson and Elliot Haverlack.

TPT makes edible dog treats for a number of well known companies. They have no products manufactured under their name. Business has been very good, going from 240 employees in 2015 to 430 employees at the end of 2016.
In the first 10 months of 2016 TPT produced 57,774,748 Dog Chews.